Turning Change Into A Payday: Re-inventing Yourself Through The Eight Stages of Change


Turning Change Into a Payday by Ralph Bruksos

"A how-to approach that goes beyond catch-phrases and includes the reader in a throughtful exploration of how to overcome the barriers, mostly self-imposed, to practical, positive change in our lives"




- Find the good in any change, no matter how turbulent

- Create positive change in your life when you have reached a comfortable plateau

- Harness one of the greatest motivational forces known to humankind

- Successfully implement change with team members and customers .


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 "This is a must-read book for people confronting change in business or life."

-H. James Fitzgerald
Weyerhauser-Asia (Retired)

"You will find yourself, as I did, underlining virtually every page as lights flash on in your mind that here, at last, are the words of an authentic master of change."

Jim Cecil (from the book's Forward)
Author of Heart of the Farmer

"I've read numerous books on change. This one is different because Bruksos weites from the heart. He walks his talk."

Gary D'Angelo, Ph.D.
D'Angelo & Associates